"....At ang balang kahoy at ang balang sanga
na parang niya’t gubat na kaaya-aya
sukat ang makita’t sasa-ala-ala
ang ina’t ang giliw lampas sa saya

Tubig niyang malinaw sa anak’y bulog
bukal sa batisang nagkalat sa bundok
malambot na huni ng matuling agos
na nakaa-aliw sa pusong may lungkot....." - A.B.

"....Malayong lupain, amin mang marating;
Di rin magbabago ang damdamin;

Luntian at pula, Sagisag magpakailanman;
Ating pagdiwang, bulwagan ng dangal;
Humayo't itanghal, giting at tapang;...."

Things to know before Joining a "Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company" in the Philippines

Years ago, I have briefly stopped writing in my blog due to the whirlwind MBA stuff and work related matters I have. I have long intended to write this from a brief insider point of view but put it off until I saw a "market bubble" of MLM companies on different social media. A couple of years back i was enticed to join a MLM company and i am one of those who failed, the reasons are: (1) I am not really into sales; (2) I don't believe in the products and; (3) I can't invest that much time on MLM (everyday is worse than an 8 hr work with overtime!! We/they go home at around 3am). With all that said here's some tips before joining any MLM Company

1. Take your time to think, don't hurry. In contrast to what your recruiter says, that there is a special offer if you join within a certain amount of time or there is a discount, keep calm and take your time. Once you have been invited to their haven you cannot help but feel drawn to the positivity around you... This is what they call "One-Week Hype". Within one week, everything presented to you, you are very eager and energetic to try. Let us say it is the "convincing period" and it will slowly die down after that or if not and you are still eager to join then by all means join the company. That is the reason you may notice that they are very serious to get to recruit you on the spot, because once they let you go... you may be gone forever. Don't get me wrong, I'm just saying take your time to think if this is really the right career for you. Are you a good sales person? Are you willing to "work for it"? It's like choosing your life long career. If it fits you... then by all means...

2. You need to WORK HARD FOR IT. Part time? Work at home? You wish? Would like you to know that those people who I know who have been successful in MLM have worked hard for it. They go out early to look for prospects and go home very late (like 3am). They go town after town. They go to malls. They are very busy people. YOU will have to convince other to join because YOU will realize that, that maybe the only way to earn back the time, effort and money you already have invested. There is no turning back now because you did not listen to tip #1.

3. You don't have a boss but there is PEER PRESSURE. People in the MLM business stick together because it is true, the earning of your downline is your earning too. That is why you help them go up which is a good thing by the way at least for the MLM company that I joined. Saying that, yes you won't have a boss but be sure to be able to go with the peer pressure specially if you're thinking that this is only a sideline. They will help you, yes, but as I said if you don't get up they won't so expect pressure if you still don't know what you got yourself into.

4. Believe in your products. Well that is the main reason I failed. I do not believe in the products.. I am ashamed to sell the products to my family and friends because I know they are not something I will go for (Just so you know I am not a fan of supplements). If I will be counting how much the product is really worth vs how much the product is selling... I simply do not believe... The reason is I know a drug that is used to combat fever which is patented costs not more than 1 pesos to reproduce... what more supplements without any therapeutic claims? To me, i can't swallow that so if you do join you should believe in what you are selling.. you are now a "salesman" now and you can't sell something you don't believe.

5.  If you don't have money don't force it. I've seen people cut friends because they can't pay debts due to MLM.. Just don't. if you don't have extra 4k, 10k, 20k or 36k don't force yourself.  Even us who have been investing in the stock market are warned to only invest money we are willing to lose.. So that is the same goes for you.. Only invest in the money you are willing to lose so that when you realize that selling is not for you.. you can walk away and pursue other business or work options

WARNING: MLM Bubble. I'm sure you have noticed the sudden increase of MLM companies in the Philippines. Some go for as low as 200 pesos to as high as 36K. This is just a warning if you are planning to be a member. Some of these MLM companies branch out from other MLM companies.. why? If I can entice you to join... why would I give it my upline when I can get all the commission for myself... thus a new MLM company is born.  If you are to join any MLM company, be sure to believe in the products... sooner or later the MLM will bubble up and your downline may not be able to recruit leaving you with the only option- sell the products.

What I don't like about MLM: Some use God to sell products and make believe "helping others with a business opportunity" but in reality, they need YOU to EARN. YOU are HELPING THEM.

What I like about MLM: Team effort at its finest. Motivational and convincing talks. 

Don't get me wrong.. Legal or not its up to you if you will join.. Just before you join,  do know what you're getting into... I know people whose lives were lifted by MLM but I also know those who miserably failed. So before you decide.. Think twice... Think Trice... If this is a good career choice for you (sales) then.. by all means.. But if not and you are just dreaming of money to grow on trees then find a stable job... MLM is just not for you. 

Obsessions: Top Ten Reasons Why One Would Obsess Over Lea Selonga

Over the weeks I have been obsessing over the one and only Lea Salonga.. Yeah, I may be a little too behind over my obsession but I just couldn't stop. So here are the top ten reasons why one may (or rather should) obsess with Ms. Lea Salonga..

10. Because she is Mulan...
Yeah I know she's not Mulan's voice per-se but she is Mulan's singing voice. YES she sang Mulan even before Aguilera did so please don't be confused..

9. Because shes Tuptim of the King and I 
For those who did not know, Lea Salonga played the voice of Tuptim along side Julie Andrews in the Hollywood recording of the King and I. And I really really really love her version of Tuptim's song!

8. Because she is Princess Jasmine - "A Whole New World"
No wonder our while family went to the movies to watch Aladdin neither did I know at that time that it was all because of Lea Salonga... Here's my favorite video of their recording!

7. Because of her speech when she recieved the Tony Awards..
Oh Ms. Lea and the Actors Equity ( a little background Lea almost was not accepted to play  the role of Kim in the US Broadway run due to to her Asian decent. I think they want to prioritize US citizens for jobs or something like that) This award, like her speech in The latest episode of the voice is a sign that she too had a hard time.. Also I wouldn't know if there'll be another REAL PINOYs who will  win the Tony's

6. Because she is Fantine in the Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert
The only Asian allowed to play the role!!! How hot is that!!!! And not only that she is hailed as one of the best Fantines ever!!!! :)

5. Because she is (The Best) Eponine of Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert
The best Eponine Hands Down (Based on my you tube research!) 

4. Because She went Hiiiiiiiigheeerrr, Hiiiiiiigheer - Allegiance 
I have only known George Takei have begun from guesting in TBBT... But now I now know him to be with Ms. Lea Salonga in this play Allegiance :)

3. Because She had Dreamed a Dream
I almost cried from this performance caught on video! Lucky I did not, else I'll be crying on a crowded place!

2. Because she went to Broadway "On Her Own"
Since as claimed by this video the only On My Own video that you will be able to see of Lea is from the Concert so why not settle for the greatness of this audio instead from the actual play?. Love it!

1. Because of her Miss Saigon Audition -  Cold reading Sun and Moon
I could not stop rambling on how Miss Lea Salonga was able to read notes (something I will never be capable of) at a young age! In addition this is for me the rawest sweetest manifestation of her voice Gotta give it some more love !!!

So why not obsess?? I really love her the Voice PH Antics. makes me laugh when they're fighting over  a singer XD (Come on! to those who really think she meant to say those stuff in a serious manner... All i can say is COME ON! That was obviously a Joke!!! >_< hahahah where are your sense of humor people! Lighten up!)

Random Ramblings: Philippine Air Lines (PAL) aka Philippines always delayed!

I have had enough of PAL. Just this year I have been on 8 flights with PAL and its pricey price does not mean ANYTHING but a chance to get miles and some greaseless peanuts!

If you booked PAL be prepared to wait in the airport for hours.. YES HOURS!!!! Dammit!!!!

I would like to share to you my flight to legazpi PR2926 which is supposed to Fly at 9am in the morning flew at 3pm in the afternoon. Had we not BEGGED for food they will not provide any! The food arrived four hours after!!!!! The hell!

Its just sad that the Philippine carrier (which I was proud off but i guess not anymore) is promoting Filipino time in their flight. Just now I am at the airport waiting for my Flight PR2870 which is by the way delayed INDEFINITELY! 

The flight before PR2868 should have left 7:15pm but left Cebu airport at 10:30 pm. They say it was traffic but CebuPacific parallel flight will be leaving at 12am delayed just 15minutes delayed! Why can't PAL be also delayed by 15minutes???? Gadammit PAL!!!!

In addition their flight Manila to Tacloban last April 23 was cancelled after the passengers are in the plane for one hour. And guess what?? They did not provide accommodation to the people who actually came from where ever province the people came from!! People this is your flag carrier!!!!!! Im so angry and disgusted with PAL. Should anyone know how it is with Cebu Pacific please let me know I may forget about my miles just to avoid wasting my time in the airport and with an airline that PAYs MORE but has very poor on customer satisfaction!

UP MBA Chronicles: The Results Night

The day we all dreaded has come... Philippines the results are in! After the nightly workshops... after the cramming the night before... Did I pass??? Or I would have to continue this UP MBA craziness next year??

During the exam, board instructions said that the results will be on the 22nd. However in the middle it was suddenly changed to 23rd (but its okay for me since I was there all throughout. For some who have only the accounting exam to retake, they messaged me nervously the night of the 22nd and to their demise they found out results will not be until the next day. (That's what you get for passing the quanties!!! - Love, your bitter batch mate)

And so the next day, I was refreshing the UP website like crazy over and over and over and over again. Its like Ate Ida will post the exam every other second... every hit of the refresh button will make my heart jump and my intestines worse... Until the time when PEX announced (maybe one student cannot take it anymore and called) that Ate ida told her/him  for us to call. True enough UP MBA page says we should call. At first I hesitated... until the time I decided to have courage since I will have to know otherwise.  And yes I passed UP MBA evening program. Yey for me!!!! I entered the gates of hellven!!

 To my fellow batch mates who are actually reading my blog for I don't know the reason why ... This is just the beginning I've heard that we would have to maintain a grade of 2 if not we will not even get a diploma only a certificate and that would be really sad. :'(
So lets get in this together and graduate together!!! We can doh it!! UP MBA!!!!

UP MBA Chronicles: UP MBA Workshops

After the first proficiency exam, workshops will be given only for those who are willing to pay for the subjects you did not pass. (Please pay first!! How could you sit in when you did not pay!! You don't do this to us!! That is so unprofessional you deserve to fail!! XD!) Anyway, these series of workshops will eventually refresh your minds the hidden (??) concepts of accounting and basic quantitative knowledge.

UP MBA program offers five workshop for you to avail:

1. Accounting : 30 hrs 4000 Php
2. Algebra: 6 Hrs 1000 Php
3. Calculus: 6 Hrs 1000 Php
4. Statistics: 6 Hrs 1000 Php
5. Math of Finance: 6 Hrs 1000 Php

1. Accounting Workshop

UP MBA: Credit/Debit Frog

The accounting workshop will take place on Saturdays and weekday nights usually twice a week. I highly recommend you to take the accounting workshop as UP MBA program may require you more or less ample amount of knowledge for it. Not to mention the professor teaching accounting is very good in teaching accounting (that is redundant and so?) >_<~!

The accounting workshop is very informative and very fun. you will always get a good hard laugh each and every meeting. No, I am not attending the workshop just for the jokes.... er.. maybe I am but it does not matter I feel like an an accountant now.... >__<~!!!

"Umattend lang ng workshop feeling accountant na"

But seriously the accounting workshop is informative to the next level! I mean I've got accounting subjects during my undergrad but.. hell yeah I don't understand all of those until now. (sorry accounting teacher back then). Accounting workshop will definitely take your time but it will really give you everything you need to know about basic accounting. How to read financial statements, how to interpret them and how to look at them. Added value are the jokes mostly containing racism should I say schoolcism about other school... but since I graduated in UP and now in UP again I still find them 100% funny. >_<~!! Sorry other schools.. (but the professor is making an effort not to mention other schools that the workshop participants graduated in maybe he is afraid that they may get back on him after workshop hours ^_~) Even preschoolers will learn accounting I feel like I am transported to the accounting world every time.

I really miss the professors' evil laugh, evil smile and evil grin. Everything is evil including accounting... lovit!!! Go UP MBA!

2. Algebra

I did not attend algebra as for the reason that it is hurting my pride that I did not even pass algebra. I seriously asked my self "What the hell is wrong with you? Are you retarded? How the hell did you even become an Engineer?" But anyway, instead I practiced tons of algebra problems. Work Problems, Production and such. I also conspired with my nice batch mates to spare some problem question given during the workshop. So being friendly pays off mind you.

3. Calculus

Same as accounting I was not able to attend the calculus workshop as I am at some other part of the world enjoying my last days as a free person. The calculus teacher is also the professor in the MOF workshop so I can somehow assure you that it is worth it specially if you are without calculus background. Plus the professor is really trying hard to make jokes so even if you're tired please make a good laugh or so... (also she looks really young for her age. I thought she was a newly grad ... )

4. Statistics

I have attended the statistics class just to know where the hell did I go wrong?? I am over confident that I have passed the Statistics exam but I don't know where I went wrong. The problems given in the workshop are really helpful

5. Math of Finance

And so I attended the MOF workshop because I don't want to learn it by my self. As I said Ms. young-looking professor will the one teaching you. It would have been perfect if she have quizzes but since time is not ample enough she didn't. You will learn the main points on MOF but I suggest you get sample problems from the net as below:


Note: I find a couple of answers wrong

All in all, the workshops are really helpful not only to pass the UP MBA proficiency exam but also in the future UP MBA use. I think they will not force us to learn all these if they don't think that it would be useful during to us on the duration of the UP MBA / MS Finance program. Also like Mr. Fun-"Lovit" accounting professor said "your accountant classmates will most likely gobble you up".  

UP MBA Chronicles: The 2nd Proficiency Exam

After one month from the 1st proficiency exam, will be the second proficiency. This is for the subject you failed or did not take. If you still fail in this exam, you may take the exam you failed again next year (status deferred). The second proficiency is not far from  the first but it is still equally challenging, So I suggest you take the first exam as it will give you the whole idea what the second exam is all about. So study hard!!!!
I will admit that I have not passed any of the exam from the first round just to give you hope. Don't lose hope without trying and be serious, this is just the first step the actual MBA is harder!

UP MBA: Exam
UP MBA: Exam 

UP MBA: Exam

Well, I said in my previous post that I will be posting based on the results... CONGRATULATIONS! I am now a student to be of UP MBA evening class. But I will ponder more on that later on. 

Image Credit to owner

UP MBA Chronicles: The (1st) Proficiency Exam

As I have said in the previous section weeks/days after receiving the GPAT results will be the 1st proficiency exam. I said first because you will actually get another chance in the event you fail any of the five exam during the first take. Do yourself a favor and pass any one or two to save yourself from all that pressure. Got It?

The Proficiency exam consist of the ff as below. Each exam should be passed. Based on what I have heard circulating around (chism), I placed the unconfirmed passing score for each,

1. Financial Accounting - 35
2. Algebra - 7
3. Statistics - 6
4. Calculus - 7
5. Math of Finance 5

1. Financial Accounting

The Financial Accounting exam is 1 hour. It is a multiple set of exam (so far heaven knows what magic it could be in the future).I will strongly recommend that you attend the Accounting workshop as it is fun and very informative. I feel like an accountant thereafter I have attended ("Feeling accountant agad umattend lang ng workshop??") Anyway I will post a separate item regarding the workshops so let me get back to action. The accounting exam is difficult specially for those without accounting background or even if you have you may get confused as for some items the answers are closely related. And mind you this is not a calculating exam this is an analysis type of exam.

What to review:
- Financial Statements
  - Balance Shit.. er... sheet
  - Income Statement
  - Cash Flow
- Inventory
- I am sincerely trying to recall the last topic...its about shareholders stock and equity
*If I missed anything it should be because I was absent during the workshop day it was discussed.

Don't just review the "how to" of these items remember the exam is not very technical, it will test how well you understand each item.

2. Algebra

From time and memorial we have been dealing with algebra and yes it will still haunt you. The algebra exam during our time was a 10 Item give-the-final-answer type of question. The Horror! Can you feel it?

What to review:
- Linear Equations (one to three unknowns)

Just practice over some problems and see if you still got the magic of solving these type of questions.

3. Statistics

Should you have an exam to ace this should be the one. (yeah right like I aced it). The stat exam has 4 multiple items and 6 give-the-final-answer question. Did I mention that it was decided to give this kind of exam because the people are actually spilling the exam contents at PEX? But to me it doesn't matter you will pass whatever type of exam as long as you are knowledgeable.  Even if they give you oral exam in the future, you will pass if you know how right? So hope they do... I mean don't. >_<!

What to Review:
- Measure of Central tendencies
- Probability
- Normal Distribution


The calculus exam is different from those who are taking the MBA program and MS Fin Program. As an MBA applicant I can only share the MBA part and the chism (chismis) on the MS FIN. The Calculus so far was a multiple choice type of exam but who knows UP is very creative they may change it in the future so pray that they don't.

What to review:
- The Tangent Line Problem
- Limits
- Derivatives
- Min/max values
- Application in Economics (marginal cost/revenue)
- Integration (MS FIN)

5. Math of Finance

I don't really recall any question in this exam during the first take as I really have no idea what this is all about. (I have but I don't want too recall haha!)

What to review:
- Simple Interest
- Compound Interest
- Present and Future Value
- Annuities
- Perpetuity
- Application on Amortization and Stock


So actually I am planning to write about the second proficiency exam and the workshops but tomorrow I will get the results so depending on the result I might get the enthusiasm to write about it or the broken heart and  make myself forget about it so... wish me luck tomorrow....  But above have pretty much summarized what the exam is all about. Just put some effort into it and if it is meant to be then you will achieve it, If not then there is always next year.