"....At ang balang kahoy at ang balang sanga
na parang niya’t gubat na kaaya-aya
sukat ang makita’t sasa-ala-ala
ang ina’t ang giliw lampas sa saya

Tubig niyang malinaw sa anak’y bulog
bukal sa batisang nagkalat sa bundok
malambot na huni ng matuling agos
na nakaa-aliw sa pusong may lungkot....." - A.B.

"....Malayong lupain, amin mang marating;
Di rin magbabago ang damdamin;

Luntian at pula, Sagisag magpakailanman;
Ating pagdiwang, bulwagan ng dangal;
Humayo't itanghal, giting at tapang;...."

UP MBA Chronicles: GPAT

The GPAT is a general admission exam. During my time it took place during a Sunday morning. Please do come early as you will still need to look at your names and rooms assignments.

How do we prepare for GPAT? For me I bought the most expensive GMAT reviewer book in National Bookstore: the P95.00 one.


I greatly recommend this book if you have any plan to review. It is cheap so if you did not actually review, it is okay. I only browsed a couple of pages but this book will really help as some question types are the same as the exam. So stop your self from buying the 1000+ PHP GMAT reviewers and  just take this one. If you read it or not no loss right?

UP MBA: Exam time!!

Anyway the exam has 3 parts. the Logic, Math and Reading Comprehension.
Note this exam is right minus 1/4 of wrong

1. Logic.

If you bought the book you will see some similar exam types in there so you will have a bit of an idea on how some parts of the exam will look like. If not, you can read some logic items over the net, some series questions and such. For me Logic questions are the easiest of the three so if you are planning to ace any of the three exam this is the exam you should.

2. Math

The math questions honestly, I don't recall anymore. I guess it is filled with fraction questions and some word problems. I recall this one problem regarding a guy with money and buying caps of two different colors. If I have that kind of money I would not be buying caps for sure!

3. Reading Comprehension

This is the exam where the Kraken was released. To me this is the hardest of all the three exams. Yeah, just reading right? Not if you have to read a five to six page thesis about stock and asks you who the hell said what in 15 minutes. Or read a three page thesis about differences in cultural groups around Asia and asks you which groups of countries was compared to what.  This exam is easy if the time is not that limited. Also did I say that you are not allowed to go back to reading once you started answering? You will be automatically be cut off if they caught you doing that. So save your selves from the horror do that! >_<~~

Results will be announced one month later so If you feel good and positive about the results start reviewing for the proficiency exams.I tell you again START REVIEWING FOR THE PROFICIENCY EXAM. After they released the results it will just be a week or so until the 1st round of proficiency exam takes place. And that my friend is the start of the application nightmare!!

Hot Chism (Nag-iinit na chismis):
I have read somewhere that the only take around ~30 full time MBA students and ~100 for the evening program. 


There had been a debate on whether we guess or not. Remember the exam is right minus 1/4 wrong. I think this is up to you if you are choosing between two answers (sure that one of the two is right) I suggest go ahead make a guess but if you totally don't have any idea on what you are doing stop yourself and pass the answer. I have many blank answers and I still passed so.....  I'm boasting (Joke! please hit me!) 

Disclaimer: Please don't be afraid of applying I am just expressing everything in over the top extreme exaggeration. Although UP application process is indeed more challenging that others.. Well.. You're entering UP so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. You should really know by now what you are getting into. 


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